1858 Collard & Collard Square Grand Piano

I am lucky enough to be in possession of an 1858 Collard & Collard square grand piano. I collected it in September 2020 from its home just outside Oxford, and it now resides with me in Cardiff. After it has been tuned and serviced, more information will appear here, along with recordings.

Photos courtesy of Raph Mizraki.

HWV 469 - Air in B Flat
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Liszt - Consolation No. I
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1895 bilhorn telescope organ

I have a reed organ built by Bilhorn in 1895, marketed as a 'telescope organ', as it collapses in on itself into a little box - very handy for all the mission gatherings on the street corners in the early 1900s! A restoration of the bellows and significant repair to the casing has brought it back to its former glory.

Kistler - Praeludium
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Dupré - IX. Christe, qui lux es et dies
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